Volunteer Opportunities


The AEFI programs provide an opportunity for you to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of education here in Ashland by supporting our schools and educators.  The work is hands-on, and very satisfying.  We would love to discuss your skills and the following opportunities to help make a difference!


  • Help plan the 2016 Awards Gala and Silent Auction. 

We have begun planning our 2016 Teacher Grant Awards Gala and Silent Auction.  With the help of many volunteers we will continue to grow our gala attendace and to build excitement and support for innovative ideas in education.  Come join the fun.   


Commitment:  Varies, generally 1-3 hours per week during the period October - May.  For more information about joining the gala committee contact our Gala Campaign Co-Chairs by clicking here.


  • Grant Finder and/or Grant Writer


Description:  Work with the Annual Campaign Manager to search leads on the web to determine which commercial and government grants are appropriate to apply for.  In addition, we would welcome volunteers to use existing boilerplate materials and successful examples to submit grant applications by deadlines. 


Commitment:  Varies, generally 1-3 hours per week.
For further information, please contact our Capital Camapaign Chair by clicking here.


  • Writer and Reporter

Description:  Work with the Publicity Manager to conduct interviews, press releases and develop articles for the local media, AEFI newsletter and website.  


Commitment:  Varies, generally 1-3 hours per week.  For more information contact our Publicity Chair by clicking here.  


  •  Ashland College and Career Fair 2016


Description:  Work with the AEFI and PTO college fair committee to develop our new fair on March 21, 2015.  Organizers are needed for building and maintaining the website, organizing the fair with colleges, organizing the career day, advertising and marketing the fair.


Commitment:  Varies 1-3 hours per week.  For more information by clicking here