Thank a Teacher This December


It is a Perfect Gift


Donations due by December 12, 2014


If you have been wondering how to acknowledge your child’s teachers or staff for their work throughout the school year, may we suggest making a contribution to the Ashland Education Foundation’s GIFTS program, Gifts of Innovation For Teachers and Staff?  It is an honor to receive, guaranteed to fit and certain to appreciate with time. 


GIFTS are affordable and as easy as 1-2-3!  A single GIFTS donation (no amount is too small!) is a wonderful way to honor multiple homeroom teachers, special subject teachers, middle and high school teachers, staff and administrators alike. It also makes a thoughtful class gift!  Simply name the people who you would like to recognize below, mail your contribution to the AEFI, and we will send each a lovely thank you note to the honoree, acknowledging your gift in his or her name.


Funds from the GIFTS Program enable Ashland educators at all levels to apply for grants to implement new programs that enrich the educational experience of Ashland's children. Click HERE for a list of recent grants made possible through the generosity of GIFTS supporters.  Grants are awarded each fall and spring.


So shop no further. Give a gift that keeps on giving!


IMPORTANT!  Before you finalize your PayPal

transaction, CLICK on the


"REQUIRED Teacher, Child, Gr/School, Subj."


section and type in the names of all the children, teachers, grade and subjects that your GIFT is for or on behalf of.


Thank you for your Donation and continued support!