School Needs Campaigns




The AEFI School Needs Grants focus on partnering with the Ashland School district to supplement the schools with items that are unsupported by the general budget. To learn more about our past School Needs Grants, click here.

Our Recently Funded School Needs Grants


  • Outdoor Education STEM overnight experience for all Mindess Elementary School 5th graders $24,000.

  • Trained Therapy Dog at Ashland High School $8,000.

  • Bridging the Gap grade-level access program for ELL and SPED students at Mindess Elementary School $18,000.

  • Chromebooks for Classrooms for the Ashland Middle School: 180 Chromebooks, 6 Chromebook Carts ($58,410)

  • Kiln for the Henry E. Warren Elementary School Art Program ($4,510):  This included a new kiln and a year's supply of materials.

  • Projectors for the Henry E. Warren Elementary School ($11,093):  This included 5 projectors to support the enVisions math program.

  • Establishment of the Henry E. Warren Elementary School Literacy Program ($28,355): This included 10 Apple TVs, 20 iPad LCD adaptor cables, 29 Raz Kids licenses, Leveled Lending Library for K-2 and booster pack bundles, listening centers with books and CDs, Wilson Language Training Foundations licenses.

Submitting a School Needs Grant

Please note that it is a once yearly grant cycle.  The grant deadline for the 2017-18 school year is Friday, Feb 16th 2018.


Process for Submitting/Awarding Grants:


Refer to the school system's internal review process by clicking here.


  • Once you have completed the APS procedures, email Paul Carpenter and request the application in Google Docs.  

  • Save application file with your grant name into Google Docs and edit/share from there. Do not work with multiple documents for the same grant.

  • Please complete all sections, including administrative approvals.  If you have any questions along the way, please contact us by clicking here

  • The AEFI Grant Director may call or email you to clarify information, as needed, for review.

  • You will be notified of your grant status in 8-10 weeks.

  • Monies for grants are disbursed by the Ashland Public Schools’ business office, as soon as possible, after the AEFI Board of Directors has approved the grants.

  • All award recipients for a school calendar year are invited to our Fundraising Dinner and Grant Awards Ceremony in the Spring.


Listed here is a sample of our application and our grant general information guidelines including details on our grant review process.   

What folks are saying about recent School Needs Grants:


Please note that it is a once yearly grant cycle.  The grant deadline for the 2018-19 school year is Friday, Feb 15th 2019

Click the image above to read about the "Chromebooks for Classrooms" in the Metrowest Daily News