Dining at Samba Restaurant


This past May, the AEFI kicked off a new fundraiser in conjunction with Samba Restaurant (East, 1138 Worcester Rd, Framingham).  AEFI supporters enjoyed a night out at Samba, where 10% of the dining proceeds were donated to the AEFI by Samba.  This event raised approximately $400 for the AEFI.


Samba has generously agreed to continue to support the AEFI through the 2016-2017 school year by donating 10% of the dining cost to the AEFI.  The AEFI will be distributing Samba-AEFI supporter cards to the Ashland community to get 10% of your dining costs donated to the AEFI.  If you would like a Samba-AEFI supporter card, please email publicity.aefi@gmail.com to receive your card.