Past Innovation Campaigns


2013-2014:  The Innovate with iPads campaign resulted in the donation of 100 iPad Air Tablets and Four Carts to the Ashland High School to address the mobile technology gap identified by the AEFI.  The AEFI donated over $56,000 to purchase the equipment so that high school students would have a consistent experience using mobile technology in the classroom.  Ashland students were now guaranteed to have the same technology experience at every other school within the Ashland School District due to prior donations by the AEFI to Pittaway, Warren, Mindess, and the Middle School. Click here to see a list of donors to the Innovate with the iPad Campagn (click here for a list of donors)

2012-2013:  Establishment of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Laboratory at the Ashland Middle School.  The AEFI has made two donations totaling $67,000 for the establishment and maintenance of the Laboratory and Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) has donated all of the software and support required for the school program.  The Ashland School District hired a technology teacher to support the Laboratory.  Students use computer modules that utilize the STEM concepts as part of a design project.

2011-2012:  Donation of Learning Carts to the Ashland School District.  The AEFI donated over $25,000 to provide the Learning Carts to help improve teaching in all of the schools.  The Carts each have an iPevo document camera for document viewing and an InFocus Interactive Projector for use as an interactive whiteboard.  The use of the Learning carts increases class interaction and participation.


2010:  Donation of Computer Monitors to the Ashland School District.  Two anonymous corporate donors provided 100 refurbished computers without monitors.  The AEFI raised the funds necessary to purchase 100 environmentally and ecologically recommended flat screen monitors as well as an additional 150 computers and monitors.


2008-2009:  The Mindess Classroom Computer Campaign was completed, providing teachers with new computers to facilitate the integration of technology with classroom instruction in addition to providing teachers with a means of connecting to the Ashland School District's computer systems.  The Art Appreciation and Integration Poster Library campaign was completed, creating a comprehensive lending library of large, high quality art images for teachers to hang on their classroom walls to accentuate high school lessons in every subject.  The Warren School Cafetorium campaign was completed, resulting in the installation of an effective audio/visual system for school-wide assemblies using digital and wireless technologies.  This campaign allowed first and second grade students to watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

2006-2007:  Donation of 30 Laptop Computers and Two Mobile Wireless Carts to the Ashland Middle School as part of the Middle School Mobile Computer Laboratory campaign.  This campaign was critical in addressing the technology shortfall created when the sixth grade was moved from the Mindess School campus to the Middle School campus such that the existing computers in the Middle School could no longer meet the needs of the 600+ students on campus.

2004-2005:  Replacement of Outdated Computers through the Mindess Computer Sponsorship and Warren Computer Sponsorship.

Past Capital Campaigns



2013/14         Innovate w/ Ipads

2012/13         STEM

2011/12         Learning Carts




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