2015 Marathon Challenge


This year we are fortunate to have two Ashland residents, Rob English and Jennifer Whitkens, running the Boston Marathon on behalf the AEFI.   Please join to help raise money for our great school district and support Rob and Jennifer's Marathon Challenge! 

Rob English

This will be Rob's first ever marathon, The Boston Marathon, to support and raise funds for the AEFI and Ashland Public Schools.


Training for the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon is a grueling and incredibly difficult challenge.  Insert an absurd amount of snow, 10 foot snow banks, and frigid temperatures, most occurring on weekends when longer training runs in upwards of 15 plus miles are planned, has been especially difficult this winter.  Rob has stayed the course, is determined and has yet to miss a single training run.  He is committed to the training and also committed to raising as much money as possible in support of teacher grants for the Ashland Public Schools.


Rob has lived in Ashland for 12 years with his wife, Colleen and their three children, Madison (12), Kathryn (9), and Ben (6), all who attend the Ashland Public Schools.  Rob is a 

strong supporter of Ashland, especially with the youth activities in town and has volunteered as a coach for both the Ashland Youth Soccer and Ashland Youth Basketball programs.


Rob is very excited for his first marathon.  He has run numerous half marathons but is looking forward to the challenge that the full marathon gives.  By running and raising money for the AEFI, he feels that he has the opportunity to give back to the community of Ashland. 

Jennifer Whitkens

Jennifer is a forty-something year old Mom of two wonderful girls and has lived in Ashland for the past ten years,  Jennifer is eager to raise money for the Ashland Education Foundation.  This will be her third marathon and has been lucky to run the past few years with a great group of fellow Ashland women.  A lot of people, including her husband, think that she is crazy for running another marathon.  But she is psyched to be a part of this special event.  Jennifer is especially excited knowing that her efforts will be going to a great cause:  supporting the AEFI and our efforts to enhance educational opportunities for students in the Ashland Public Schools.  Go Clockers!

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