2019-2021 Innovation Campaign

Ashland Elementary STEAM Center

A Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics Laboratory

for our younger students

The Ashland Elementary STEAM Lab is being developed to:

  1. Increase STEAM exposure to younger students to engage them at an early level

  2. Build upon the success of the AIC by increasing the frequency our younger students engage with these technologies

  3. Enable equal opportunity in student growth by providing targeted technologies for our ELL & SPED students

Offering access to this new technology and equipment provides students at the Mindess School with an amazing opportunity to consistently integrate 21st Century technology tools into their education,   meet the Ashland Public School’s Vision and meet the Technology Literacy Standards set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This amazing project will leverage much of the learnings & success of the Ashland Innovation Center while ensuring it is fully age-appropriate & right-sized for our elementary students.  This will be housed at the Mindess – but is fully flexible & transferrable if/when a new building is available.  Its primary focus is to ensure that our younger students are getting regular access to many of the same STEAM tools & technologies that we have seen produce such great results at the AIC.  In addition to that, this campaign also includes elements & technologies specifically targeting our ELL students as well as our students with disabilities to ensure our entire student population has the needed tools to reach their full potential.

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Sincere thanks to all our supporters who are committed to making the

Ashland Elementary STEAM Center a success!